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Jennifer Kreml
J Kreml Combo Concert
J Kreml Combo

Whether you need a sophisticated Great American Songbook

duet of voice and piano for your lounge, a Swinging Trio to accompany brunch on the patio, a danceable, spicy Latin quartet, or a Big Band featuring horns and a party sound like no other, the J Kreml Combo can offer the music you need to make

your party, celebration, or corporate event a success.

 Videos, Press & Fan Comments


 Great American Songbook Clips

Fan Comments

'....we enjoyed our evening at Black Rail, and so much enjoyed your singing.  It’s so clear that you love singing, and that is a huge part of what makes it so enjoyable for your audience to hear you. 

We really liked the sound of your musicians too   They sounded so smooth and professional, and obviously were enjoying what they were doing too.  For me in particular, I found their improvisations creative and fun to listen to—they didn’t go on too long or too far off the rails.  That’s just something that I find bothersome with some jazz groups that I’ve heard.....


Dr. Ursula Sackk

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